What to expect when you move your content on Google

What to expect when you move your content on Google

How long will it take to get my organic rankings and traffic back?

A reasonable estimate is that a significant dip from the search engines after a move should rarely last longer than 60-90 days and many sites recover quicker. 

Will the search engines see my URL changes straight away?

No 🙁 as excited as you’ll be (and probably nervous) about your sexy new site, the search engines won’t share the feeling and will take their time. However, if you are moving to an entirely new domain, you can help speed things up by using the change of address tool in search console and Bing.

Does Google see a move from HTTP to HTTPS as an entire new domain name?

How to use Search Console to tell Google about a domain change.

  • Make sure both your old and new site domain names are verified in search console
  • On Search Console home page, click the on the old domain under site configuration, click “change of address” and then select the new site

How to use the Bing change of address tool

Depending on your particular site situation though, there are a few factors that will effect how long it will take to get your organic rankings and traffic back.

Bigger, more complex sites may take longer to process.

If your site has been re-structured, it is likely to take more time for the search engines to adapt to a new structure.

If your site has a higher authority (as perceived by search engines) the move may get processed faster and generally higher authority sites get crawled faster.

Search engines are computers and although they’re clever, they don’t like being confused.Make it easy for them by changing old links that used to point to the old URL’s so they now point to the new URL’s and obtain new links to the new URL’s.