Video Schema

Mark up your video’s

Help people to find your videos by properly indexing them in Google.

Indexing your videos will allow Google to show them as search results in web search for relevant queries. This makes it easier for users to discover your videos and watch them on your site. 

People will also be able to find your videos in video search. In order to index your video, we’ll need you to provide some data about it. Whilst there are a couple of ways for you to provide this meta data, I recommend using both, on-page markup and video sitemaps markup.

To get started you’ll need to have a publicly available web page for Google to index and send to users to watch your video.

I require a title, description and thumbnail image for each video.

Once Google has indexed the site with the proper markup, it can show the video in search results.

Use the Video Object item to provide search engines with the information to be able to show the videos on the site in the search results in a well formatted manner.

Required properties for Video Objects

Thumbnail URL
Content URL
Embed URL

Google still highly recommends using an XML video sitemap to provide additional video information and submitting it to them so they can discover all of the video content available on your website.