Structured Snippets

Structured Snippets

In early September 2014, Google released Structured Snippets. These snippets of facts are pulled from the knowledge graph and incorporate snippets of facts into search results. 

Structured snippets can be displayed in product, events and many other results. As of yet, only 1 structured snippet is displayed per search results (this post was originally written early 2015, things may have progressed from here which will be investigated in subsequent posts)

Knowledge Graph Optimisation

Implementing Schema within your content will be displayed in the Knowledge Graph – This is just one of many tactics that you can take to optimise content for the Knowledge Graph and ensure you have better control over what appears on this highly visible portion of search results.

Voice Search Optimisation

In April 2014, schema launched “actions”. This feature allows webmasters to anticipate specific intent behind queries and trigger actions accordingly. Instead of simply producing a description of a given entity, this allows you to tie a particular action to the entity. allows you to specify the start and end time of an action, the outcome, the location and the instrument used for the action.

Schema actions are not limited to playing music. Currently there is a list of actions that you can integrate into your content. Contrived innovation in this field will mean that this list will continue to grow improving conversational search and presenting search results to users in more engaging ways will rely on information search engines derive from schema markup.

As Google is focused on accomplishing this, it is important for webmasters and marketers to keep up to date with rapidly growing schema capabilities and use them in ways that are relevant to their content.